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What's Up Wednesday - 4.29.2020

Today I'm linking up with my girls Shay and Sheaffer for another round of "What's Up Wednesday"! These sweet gals started WUW, a little link up party where we all share what’s going on in our crazy lives right now. We talk about food, family, what we’re wearing, what we’re doing, what we’re watching and a little bit of everything else all in one post! Let's dive in!!
Grilled Chicken + Gluten Free Pasta Salad
The good news we got last week about baby girl! I haven't really opened up publicly about what has been going on with my pregnancy recently, but here is a fairly quick version. Back in February I was exposed to Parvovirus, which isn't harmful to a woman but can have severe complications on an unborn baby. Once I found out that I was exposed, I called my OB and she set up a test for the following week. Most adults are immune, but my test results showed that I wasn't immune and had never been exposed previously. So my doc said she would test again in four weeks.
Fast forward four weeks and we are driving to Utah on our way to spend a couple of weeks with our families. We decided to stop at the Grand Canyon on the way since Shawn had never seen it. We had just finished looking and taking pictures when my phone rang. It was my OB. She said she had bad news.
She said my second Parvovirus test came back positive for exposure. I was now considered a high risk pregnancy and needed to be monitored by specialists throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. She also said that I needed to be seen by the specialist, but because of COVID-19 they wouldn't see me until I had been home from travel and quarantined for 14 days. So we had to turn around and come back to Texas. We were three hours away from my in-laws house and we had to go back. We were devastated. We needed to go home. We needed a break. We needed to recover from all of the terrible crap that had been happening the few weeks before. But there we were, turning right back around and driving 14 hours back home. 
Once we had been home for two weeks, we had our first appointment with the specialist. Unfortunately, because of the state of things Shawn couldn't come into the appointment with me. I was so anxious. What if I was about to receive the worst news of our lives and my husband wasn't by my side? I prayed for strength and I knew that I had so many other people praying for us too!
A sonographer came in and did an in depth 3D ultrasound to measure everything on baby girl including the middle cerebral artery (MCA). It's a main artery that supplies blood to the cerebrum and they monitor the velocity to detect fetal anemia and hydrops. One of the effects of Parvovirus can be fetal anemia which can lead to heart problems. Needless to say, I was a wreck at this point and just needed to know if baby girl would be ok. 
After the sonographer finished, the doctor came in and explained the results to us (Shawn was able to FaceTime me). She said baby girl is below the curve for anemia and her numbers were good! At that point she was not at risk for developing anemia. The doctor wanted me to come back one week later for a follow up appointment to confirm the numbers and make sure baby girl was still ok. We went back a week later and the numbers were still good! We were so relieved and felt so blessed! The amount of join I felt in that moment was insane!! So I'm definitely reminiscing about it over here! (And can we talk about those chubby cheeks?!)
Is anyone else super excited that beaded bracelets are making a comeback?! These were popular when I was little and I've been obsessing about them all over again haha. I figured what better activity to do in quarantine then make a bunch of fun bracelets for me and my girlfriends! Now, if Shawn and I could just decide on a name I could make one with baby girl's name on it!!
So many things to love this month! I'm also obsessed with my new leather stroller handles and hooks from Lux + Leather! Do yourself a favor and order some of these, you won't regret it. They offer several styles and models of strollers and a ton of colors. My handle covers are for the Uppababy Vista in the color Caramel Brown. My diaper bag hooks are the 5mm (bigger size) in Caramel Brown. The added leather features totally take your stroller to the next level and give it a little something extra!
 With plenty of time on our hands, Shawn and I have been able to knock out a lot of projects on our DIY list! The first thing we built during quarantine was a dresser for baby girl's room and I LOVE how it turned it! We definitely learned along the way and are totally not pros, but we were really pleased with the end result. We also made a matching wood box to sit on top and hold a changing pad!
The next project we tackled were some DIY Letter Ledges for our front entryway. Basically, instead of a letter board it's wood ledges that letters sit on. Think open shelving vs cabinets haha! The ledges are hung and I'm just working on finishing up the letters. Can't wait to use it! My hubby is such a good sport!
I feel like I never put anything for this part haha! I'm obviously not dreading labor because it means we get to meet our baby girl, but I'd be lying if i didn't say I was really nervous! I'm the kind of person that likes to have info and be prepared ahead of time. So any tips and advice you can send my way would definitely be appreciated!  
I'm currently working on a Mother's Day Gift Guide and I can't wait to show y'all! It features two items I've been obsessed with and wearing non-stop since I got them!! Each one is from a different small business that I've worked with in the past and adore. With all of this craziness going on in the world, it's the perfect time to support small businesses! So many entrepreneurs and small business owners are hurting right now and unfortunately, a lot of them won't recover or make it through this economically hard time. So please consider shopping small for your Mother's Day gifts this year!! Here's a sneak peek at some of the items I'll be featuring. The Gift Guide will go live Friday!
 It's sooooo exciting how much more I've been feeling baby girl move! Because she's getting so big, her kicks are very sharp, distinct and frequent. It's the craziest and coolest feeling! Plus every kick reassures this mama's heart that her little one is active, strong and healthy!
After hearing a lot of good things about the Netflix series "Outer Banks", I finally caved and started it. I'll be honest, I almost gave up on it after the first episode. But I decided to stick it out and give it a try and it actually got a lot better. It wasn't my favorite show ever, but it definitely kept me entertained. In case anyone is wondering or is hesitant to start it because it's TV-MA, it's not bad. There is no nudity, violence is mild and brief and there's maybe one or two F words in each episode. Super mild for TV-MA. If I can handle it, you probably can too haha!
Shawn and I binge watched "Seal Team" during the first few weeks of quarantine and we both really liked it. Normally, those kind of shows aren't my cup of tea, but I was actually into it. It has an awesome cast and good storyline!
 I read "Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard awhile ago, but wanted to listen to it again because I want to finish the series. I needed a refresher so I rented the audiobook version from my library and have been listening to that in my spare time or while I get other things done. Because of all this COVID-19 stuff, a lot of libraries are closed so you should definitely look into the digital platforms they offer and see what books are available that way!
 Whatever is comfortable haha! It's definitely getting hotter here in Texas and since we're on lockdown still, I mostly wear leggings, shorts and my husband's t-shirts!
Shawn and I are having a pizza night with my sister and her family! My little niece asked my sister if Uncle Shawn and Aunt Lexi could come over for a pizza dinner this week. She's the sweetest! 
Hopefully things going back to normal!! Businesses in Texas are supposed to start opening back up on Friday, so please please please can we start getting back to normal?! Even if it's a new, slightly modified normal I'll take it! I'm so done with quarantine!
Not much!
Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are surviving this craziness and staying sane! Here's to hoping next month will be back to normal!!

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  • Natasha

    I’m sorry to hear about the stress you underwent with baby girl. I’m glad to hear everything is okay. When I was sixteen weeks pregnant with my son, we had some potentially scary news and I still remember sobbing with relief when we found out he was going to be okay. It was so stressful.
    My only labour advice is that the baby will have the kind of labour they choose to have so hold any labour plans you have very lightly. I don’t know if that will help or not, but it was my main mantra during my labours — neither of which went as “planned.”

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