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Instacart and My Costco Faves

So honestly, I get like 75% of our food from Costco. And for some reason I had been putting off trying Instacart...why did I wait so long?! I used Instacart last week and my entire order was on my front porch within 45 minutes of ordering. Free delivery over $35. My mind was blown and I'm now obsessed! It's so convenient and super easy. I knew that this deserved a full blog post because it's so great. Then I thought that I may as well share my Costco essentials and faves in case anyone wants some ideas!
You can save $10 on your order by using code "LJONESEF484914A" at checkout or by clicking on the link here. Let's get started!
1. Hannah Tzatziki Sauce - so good on gyros, Amylu chicken burgers and more! Adds such a yummy flavor to any greek dish!
2. Amylu Kale and Mozzarella Chicken Burgers - I love to have these on thin buns or brioche buns with tzatziki, cucumber slices and tomato slices
3. Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk Mix - this is my go to for so many macro friendly breakfasts and desserts! It's also good straight up as pancakes or waffles with a bit of extra protein.
4. Robert Irvine's Fit Crunch Protein Bars - one of my favorite macro friendly protein bars. Tastes like a Snickers bar!
5. Kevin's Lemongrass Chicken - if any of you have been to Waco and had a trashcan rice bowl from Club Sandwich, then this chicken is for you! I am obsessed with rice bowls and this chicken makes delicious ones. Serve it over cilantro lime rice and sauteed cabbage with pickled cucumbers, carrots and red onions. Top with green onions, cilantro lime dressing and srircha ranch. So good!
6. Kirkland Chewy Protein Bars - these don't have a ton of protein, but they're a better alternative to simple oat granola bars. My hubby really likes them!
7. Laughing Cow Lite Cheese Wedges - I put these on so many things! Breakfast sandwiches, pita pizzas, toast. etc.
8. Kirkland Black Forest Ham - I love this ham! It's good size, thick pieces that aren't soggy or water filled. Good flavor too!
9. Fairlife Chocolate Protein Shakes - these legit taste like chocolate milk! So much protein too. Delish!
10. Kirkland Fruit and Vegetable Pouches - Brynleigh loves these and always downs them so quickly!
11. Nature's Bakery Fig Bars - Bryn and I both love these for a sweet little treat!
12. Kirkland Egg Whites - I know a lot of people just say to crack eggs and use those egg whites, but the convenience of these is huge for me. And totally worth it. I use these almost every day!
13. Kirkland Hard Boiled Peeled Eggs - I don't love hard boiled eggs, but my hubby eats these as part of his on-the-go breakfast a few times a week. So handy! 
14. Dave's Killer Bread Thin Sliced - this bread is so good and so good for you! I love that it's thin sliced and you don't need much. Makes yummy toast and sandwiches!
15. Kirkland Chicken Breasts - good quality chicken and enough to freeze a bunch!
16. Orgain Plant Based Protein Shakes - my hubby is allergic to whey proteins, so these plant based shakes are great and super convenient for him to grab on the go!
17. Kirkland Formula - good quality and price on this formula. Bryn does really well on it.
18. B Free Gluten Free Pita Breads - I first tried these from Kroger and was so excited to learn that Costco had them in bigger packages! My hubby has Celiac's so we use these pitas for his gyros, pizzas and flatbreads.
19. Kirkland Steak Strips - super yummy, macro friendly jerky!
20. Kirkland Diapers - these diapers work the best for Bryn. We've tried others and she just pees or blows out of all of them except these.
21. Kirkland Wipes - good deal on quality wipes!
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